Ireland’s housing minister Eoghan Murphy wants to introduce new laws for short term lettings. It is not the first country or city to introduce regulations to try to combat housing shortages. London has a similar regulation that restricts the long term use of these short lettings but how enforceable are these regulations? The original intention.. read more →

When two people meet and fall in love some of the tedious tasks can get ignored.  This is about Michael (Name changed to protect the landlord) and what happened when he fell in love and didn’t deal with his flat. Michael had his own flat in North London and was happily living in his flat.. read more →

As a landlord knowing all your legal requirements is a fundamental part of being a landlord. Not knowing is never an excuse. So are you aware of the Right to Rent Requirements you have to comply with? Right To Rent came in as part of the Immigration Act 2014 under section 22. It states that.. read more →

Does the idea of getting your rental property on the market fill you with dread?  When you have a rental property whether it is a single property or part of a portfolio of properties in Essex, it is probably not your full time job. Having to deal with the property is probably just another thing.. read more →

Winter is approaching and with it, the cold weather and the need for central heating. Tenants can save a lot of anguish and stress by following these simple steps now to avoid problems when it is really cold. This applies to all tenants but especially if you have moved into the property during the summer.. read more →